Misty water coloured memories…

I woke up yesterday with a strange feeling in my gut. No, not the kind of feeling in your gut that promptly sends you off to greet your toilet pot in a not-so-polite manner. It was an awkward, nervous feeling – something was wrong, bothering me…but I had no idea what.

After laying in a bit and surfing social media, the bottom right of the screen caught my attention . It was September 01st. The day I got married 13 years ago. My heart sunk. 

Whilst many aspects of my life has been rather fabulous, unfortunately the love life front has not been so great – truth be told. 

It has been 6 years since my marriage ended. Do the maths quickly – yep, we were married for 7 years before the famous “itch” got the better of us. But what caused me pain was not that we got divorced, but the fact that SIX years later, it still felt scheisse. 

I felt ridiculous for still being sentimental about something that ended such a long time ago. But on the other hand I felt grateful to have had someone touch my life in such a profound manner.

Love will always win!

Your ever optimistic Nu







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