I’ll do it tomorrow…

Quite a bit of time has passed since my first blog post ….Initially, when I started to blog, I was so motivated and thrilled at the prospect of hundreds of people from all over the world reading about my thoughts – and maybe themselves being inspired by my words – inspired enough to maybe get up and make a change in world – to become better people – to do good!

But alas, it would seem that only 3 people regularly read my blog – one of them being my boyfriend – and this really put a damper on my spirits – I wasn’t reaching the masses as I had expected, and I thought “Well, what’s the point, really?” . Upon giving it some more thought just now, I thought“Nu, you have so much to say. You love to write. So what if only a few people read it?”. So here I am again today. Chaka!

Honestly, procrastination has always been one of my weak points – that combined with a fat dose of lack of discipline is why people, I have not really reached any of the major goals I have set out for my life personally. My plans for moving to a tiny fishing village in Spain for a year to learn the language, soak up the sun and culture – to eat alioli and tapas with the locals- have still not been put into action. My plan to lose 15 kilos and look” überfabulous” again as I did in my teens – well that’s out of the window as well. To quit my job and start a business of my own – I’m still thinking about it – and have been for more than 10 years now! Ridiculous really!

So I’m going to keep this blog short today – just needed to “break the pattern”. Am going to get out of bed now and read the manual of my new super high-tech washing machine, finally after several weeks of just “standing there”. I don’t have a SINGLE item of clean clothes left. That’s a lie of  course, but hey, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t tend to over-exaggerate sometimes:-)))

Here’s to a whole Nu productive world!

Follow me – Feel me, Love me,

Your (ever-so-lazy) Nu


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