No! No! No!

That awesome Dixie Chicks song, Landslide, has been accompanying me all day – only in my head though – no German radio station will play that kinda music. Its all commercial here. Honestly if I hear another Lady Gaga song again…I’m gonna hit the roof! Ok – I know that she was allegedly “Born that Way”, but peleeez!!! Can’t have any respect for a woman in a raw meat dress, now can I?!

Anyways, back to the topic at hand – that AMAZING song by the Chicks with Dix (God, I’m so funny sometimes!). The words ring clear in my head”Time makes bolder. Children get older. I’m getting older tooooooooo”. This song seems to be the soundtrack of the phase of my life I find myself in at the moment – and I’m trying hard as hell to find the “stop” button. The “Rewind” button would be the absolute best though:-)

Just last night I had a look at myself in my “pretty mirror”. My pretty mirror in the dimly-lit bathroom. Much as the name suggests, this friendly mirror has always tended to make me not look “all that bad” – as opposed to the harsh-harsh, full-length, krass, natural-light specimen in my bedroom(bad bad mirror!). But alas last night the signs were obvious – and even my loveliest and loyalist of all mirrors couldn’t hide it anymore – my first grey hair! Eeeeeekkkk!!!

So most of you may think that at 31, its about time to have your first grey hair and that its not at ALL that tragic or dramatic as I’m making it out to be – but honestly, I was DEVASTATED! So devastated that for the first time in years, I wanted my mommy!

I of course frantically went on a hunt in the messy drawer for the nearest pair of tweezers and plucked the Motherfcuker out! “HA! Think you can make me old before my time!”. “Goodbye old grey one”, I uttered and waved(much like the queen actually)as I flushed the bloody BETRAYERdown the toilet.

Today its like there never was a grey hair and I’m a full confident head of browny-goldeny-highlighty tones again:-)

My Whole Nu World is a colourful one. Away with the grey in whatever way!

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Your (ever-so-youthful) Nu


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