The eve before my birthday…

At the dawn of turning a year older – yet again – I find myself sitting back and reflecting about the year gone by and the things I’ve learnt, lost and gained. Well besides the 3 extra kilos I gained this year (Scheisse!), I must say this last year has a tremendous time of emotional growth for me.

I was brave enough to finally(!) let go of the man who captured my heart for the longest time. I let him go confidentally, bitter-sweetly and with love in my heart – wishing him no harm ever, but simply all the best – even if it IS with another woman *tongue in cheek comment*:-) Guess this clearly shows my increased maturity and the return of my positivity.

I feel sincere contentment in my heart – knowing that the future will be just fine…

Life may not be the party I was expecting, but in the meantime, I’m still here and I can still dance! So I’ll be putting on my dancing shoes this weekend at my birthday party and making a twirl into another year in my beautiful whole Nu world!

Follow me – Feel me – Love Me …
Your (older and wiser) Nu


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